The cover image for Building a Better World in Your Backyard - Instead of Being Angry at Bad Guys by Paul Wheaton & Shawn Klassen-Koop

We can have a better world and a more luxuriant life. without involving politics.

We can have a better world and a more luxuriant life. without involving politics.

About the Book

The list of global problems is massive and overwhelming. When confronted with such significant problems, our first instinct is to tell the bad guys to stop being bad. Of course, doing so would be on a rigged playing field. And for each person that actually does write a letter or confront the bad guys, there might be a thousand people that simply develop an ulcer.

We think the reason we see so many people angry is because they genuinely care. But they seem to get stuck at being angry. Some people spend a hundred hours a week for 20 years being angry and not much changes. We think that if you spend a tiny fraction of that time doing the things mentioned in this book, your global positive impact will be a thousand times greater.

For nearly every global problem there are solutions we can implement in our backyard that, at the same time, save us money and help provide more luxuriant lives. If a few of us do these things and bask in the glow of the opulence and extra cash, others will observe and think “I want extra luxury and money too! Not fair!” So they emulate. And on and on it goes. Then the global problems sorta just dry up and blow away. That’s what this book is all about.

Who is This Book For?


This book shows how real positive change can be made by taking action in your own backyard – without involving the political circus.

Money Savers

Tired of the rat race? The ideas contained within this book could have you on the fast track to retirement! Or it could just put a little extra coin in your pocket.


This book is filled with ideas that could become successful businesses focused on building a better world.


Each person can build a better world at home and live a more luxurious life! There’s something in this book for everyone.

Something for Everyone

This book is filled with tips and tricks for building a better world, regardless of whether you live…

In an Apartment

Whether it’s cutting your home energy footprint by 90% or eliminating household toxic gick, there’s some things you can do regardless of where you live.

On a City Lot

Reducing your power footprint even further, breaking the toxic water cycle, and starting to break the link between your food and global footprints can all happen in your backyard.

On a Rural Homestead

With this much space and the right tricks, we can actually cover not only our own footprints… but maybe those of 20 other people too!


What formats are the books available in?

The book is available in physical, ebook, and even audiobook format!

Where can I get the book?

All 3 formats of the book are available on Amazon.

The audiobook is available on Audible.

In addition, the eBook and audiobook formats are available at many other online retailers. To see a list of some of them, click here.

Furthermore, things are set up so that if you ask your local bookstore nicely, they can pretty easily order it in for you.

If none of those options work, get in touch and we’ll see if we can come up with something together.

Who are the authors?

Paul Wheaton is a giant doofus who is bonkers about permaculture. He won’t shut up about permaculture. On and on, every day . . . it’s annoying. He has gone so far as to make a 3-DVD set that is just about the earthworks for permaculture gardening. And not only did he make a 4-DVD set about rocket mass heaters, but he made ANOTHER 4-DVD set about rocket mass heaters. Why on earth do people need 8 DVDs about something so simple? If you think that is ridiculous, take a look at his 177 hours of video of a full Permaculture Design Course, and Appropriate Technology course. Then there’s the cards. Okay, the permaculture playing cards are pretty cool.

Before all of that, Paul created hundreds of podcasts, youtube videos, articles, and other bits and bobs about permaculture. That should have been the first sign, right there, that health professionals should have stopped all this. That, or his 26,000 forum posts at permies.com. And he has at least that many at his other site, CodeRanch.com. Oh, yeah, he used to be a software engineer before all this permaculture stuff.


Shawn Klassen-Koop’s passion for building a better world grew from many years of working at a summer camp. This time inspired awe and wonder for the natural world through many hours camping in the woods, paddling on a lake, or sleeping under the stars. Seeking to solve world problems with clever thinking, Shawn decided to pursue computer engineering as a career, where he learned the importance of good design and strong critical thinking. In time he felt like modern technology was causing more problems than it was solving and started looking for a better way. It was then that he stumbled upon and fell in love with permaculture as a way to use his design skills to work with nature rather than against nature. Shawn was preparing to start his own homestead when he was faced with serious health challenges that prevented him from doing any physical work. It was during this time that the opportunity to work on this book came up. Shawn jumped on it, wanting to do whatever he could to share these ideas with others.

I want to buy many copies! Can I get a deal?

Maybe! If you want a deal on multiple copies, please fill out the form on the contact page and we’ll go from there.